Welcome to DwarfDreams.com!

This site will chronicle my work on a game I'm making: a clone of a game called Dwarf Fortress by Bay 12 Games.

Here are my plans in no particular order:

  • Coded in Rust
  • Fully threaded, will use all available CPU cores
  • Custom OpenGL 3.3 tilemap engine
  • Windows/Mac/Linux compatibility (hence the OpenGL)
  • Animated characters (gratefully accepting art submissions!)
  • No concept of 'embark area', world can be freely explored
  • Implement all systems of Dwarf Fortress
  • Support importation of DF raws
  • Fix bugs/annoyances in DF that I personally want to fix
  • Add some DFHack features like blueprints
  • Simplify language system to facilitate future translations

Longer term goals:

  • Adventure mode
  • Lua scripting for mods
  • My own added features

Do six-fingered dwarves dream of electric ale?